Brief description

Jose Antonio de la Barrera Mayoral
Wordpress programmer and analyst


I have worked during 5 years in a digital agency and a IT consultant. As team leader of the web development team for at least 2 years, my team achieved all the target aimed with satisfactory results.

I am a WordPress and Web developer and programmer who is interested on and passionated by programming and IT world. Since I was young I have been developing entertainment applications in some programming languages like QuickBasic, ANSII C and Java, and later a modular and scalable PHP web tool, both from scratch and using Frameworks, or CMS. And of course, I have also the honor of having developed several Web pages using WordPress.

Not only I have experience with WordPress but also with SEO.

I am a responsible, methodical, organized and proactive person. I enjoy each task I do and I try to optimize each code line providing the user a high quality experience.

Specials: PHP, WordPress programming and development, Responsive Design, SEO

I am the WordPress programmer you are looking for.