How to customize login page

How to customize login page in WordPress?

There are hundreds and thousands of posts and articles in the World Wide Web speaking about how to customize each single detail of our WordPress blog. For example, how to customize sidebars, header, menus, footer, sliders, carrousels, responsive menus and so on. However it is difficult to find out posts which answer the previous question: how to customize login page in WordPress?

Once we have customized each single detail of our WordPress, we have proved our skills as programmers and layout designers. Perhaps we (or our customers) may wonder why the admin login screen is so simple. Taking into account that my Web is the best in the world… why it has such an ugly login screen? How can I customize wp-admin page in WordPress?

Login screen is quite simple, however, it is unlikely to be similar to your theme, because it is only composed by a white background color, the WordPress logo, and a tiny form with the necessary fields to log in. Indeed, this form is all what you need for users to log in, the key point is to embed it in your theme’s look and feel.

As usual, we can choose from several plugins to do what we want. Below, I propose you three plugins you will know how to customize login page with:

  • Custom admin branding: As you can see if you navigate to the plugin page in the Official WordPress plugins site, this plugin is no longer maintained, so you are encouraged not to use it, as I explained on a past post. However, when I used this plugin, I liked that it is simple and easy to use, and it allows you to change quickly the login screen and the header and the footer of the administration panel.
  • Theme my login: This plugin provides you some templates as the wp-admin page, lost password page and other templates. Then, if you copy these templates into your template root directory, WordPress will find them at the right moment. Now, you will be able to change the layout and introduce the necessary classes so that your wp-admin page will fully engage your template. This plugin also adds protection against brute force attacks, and allows to change wp-admin slug.
  • Branded Login Screen: It allows you to insert a background image, to change WordPress logo by your own header image, and to remove all WordPress branding in administration panel.

These are only three of the amount of plugins that answer the “How to customize login page” question. Although they also can be used to customize almost every WordPress setting.

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